Our technological research here is aimed at the further development of knowledge and the transfer of core competences to practical applications.


CapSens is an interactive module that enables the pairing of paper and electronic media via Bluetooth.

Capacitive sensor technology

Bluetooth connection

Printed structures based on Flexink conductive

Connection of up to 23 sensors possible

Service life > 9 months

Minimal thickness 2 mm

Easy integration into print media


PressureSens is a newly developed resistive membrane that is ideally suited as a strain gauge or pressure sensor.

Resistive sensor technology

Based on Flexink Sens

Compatible with silicone and latex

Stretch factor > 300%

Cycle stability > 50,000

Suitable for pharmaceutical use, biocompatible


Capacitive or resistive sensors printed on textiles. Our Sensitive Skin is highly flexible, stretchable and biocompatible.

Capacitive/resistive printed sensors

Printed on flexible substrates or elastomers

Systems can be printed or spray-coated

Option for upscaling

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