Flexink conductive

Highly conductive < 5.0 x E-6 [Ω m]

Materials: metal particles, carbon fibre

Suitable for electrical contacts and as a conductor

Screen printing, solvent-based, optimised wetting

Drying: Convection dryer is recommended

Substrates: paper, textiles, elastomers (PU, rubber)

Flexink conductive-116-xxxx

Conductivity < 5.0 xE-6 [Ω m]

Flexink conductive-117-xxxx

Conductivity < 1.0 xE-4 [Ω m]

Flexink conductive-115-xxxx

Conductivity < 2.1 xE-3 [Ω m]

Flexink conductive-118-xxxx

Conductivity > 5.0 xE-1 [Ω m]

Flexink sens

Sensitive to variation in resistance upon stretching

Stretch factor of > 300% possible

Extremely cycle stable > 50,000

Ink solvent-based, optimised for spray processes, optimised wetting and adhesion on silicone

Flexink sens-126-xxxx

Spray coating & Aerosol printing:

  • Low viscosity
  • Optimized for Silicon and Polymer substrates

Flexink sens-118-xxxx

Screen printing:

  • Optimized for Elastomers like PU & Rubber
  • Direct & indirect Textile printing possible
  • Drying: convection Dryer

Flexink insu


Stretch factor of > 80% possible

Dielectric strength > 23 kV/mm

Ink solvent-based, optimised wetting and adhesion

Flexink Color

Highly elastic technical printing inks

Colours: CYMK + white

Solvent based

Low surface tension

Optimised wetting and adhesion on elastomers and textiles

Colourful, flexible & highly elastic: With the Flexink Color range of technical inks from peptech, we achieve stretch factors of greater than 500%. We supply process inks for four-colour (CMYK) printing. In addition, we offer opaque white. Special colours on request.

Technical Information

  • Screen printing inks: CMYK + white
  • Special colours on request
  • Inks are solvent-based and non-polar
  • Surface tension of < 27 mN/m
  • Drying: We recommend an IR dryer
  • Stretch factor > 500 %
  • Suitable for elastomers and textiles
  • Delivery quantity: min. 100 ml / max. 25 litres

Process Magenta

Flexink Color-105-xxxx

Process Yellow

Flexink Color-106-xxxx

Process Black

Flexink Color-107-xxxx

Process White

Flexink Color-101-xxxx

Flexink Inkjet

Highly elastic inks for digital printing

Inks for CIJ & DoD

Colours: CYMK + white

UV inks & thermal drying with low surface tension

Optimised wetting and adhesion on PVC, latex and silicones

Flexink 3D

3D Inkjet: Construction and support ink

Construction material: Flexink, highly elastic

Support material: Water soluble

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